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National Website

Link to Marine Corps League National Headquarters

National Library

Link to Marine Corps League Library

Detachment Bylaw Template

Link to Detachment Bylaw Template

Paymaster Guide

Link to Midwest Division Adjutant-Paymaster Training
Link to Paymaster Guide

Midwest Division Marine of the Year Guide

Link to: Midwest Division Marine of the Year Guide

At the Midwest Division Conference it was voted on and passed to only hold 1 conference
for the Midwest Division each year With this change The Marine of the Year Committee needed to change the Procedure to nominate our Marine of the year. Since the Conferene will be held in the spring of each year usually in April. All Nominations shall be mailed with the cover letter and any-all attachments that enhance the nomination to the Chairman of the Midwest Division Marine of the Year Committee by Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested or Signature Required. This is to make sure you know that the Society Chair has received the nomination in a timely manner. The Nomination must be submitted no later than February 15th of the year in question. The envelope containing the nomination must be clearly marked "Marine of the Year Midwest Division".
Please refer to the guide link above for futher information.
At this time the Committee Chair is Gerald A. Moorehead, 2107 Court Street PO Box 73, Granger, Iowa 50109-0073

Red Blazer

Link to JC Penney Red Blazer
National will no longer be selling the Red Blazer in the Ships Store. JC Penney has a red blazer that is very close to the orginal Blazer we had. The link above is to information on the Blazer from the JC Penney website.
You can purchase MCL buttons from the MCL Ship Store.
Link to JCPenney.com

Officer Job Descriptions

This is very good guide for our Marine Corps League Officers
I believe this guide will work for all Levels from Detachment all the way to National.
Link to Officer Job Description

MCL Awards & Ribbon Recorder

The Joe Huges has developed a new form to keep track of your accomplishments in the Marine Corps League. Our Division Commandant Harvey Harris recommends anyone that desire to be elected to a Division, Department, or Detachment office, fill out and submit this form when running for office.
Link to MCL Awards & Ribbon Recorder

2019 Honor Guard Policy and Procedures

Link to Honor Guard Policy and Proedures

Guide to Hosting A Division Conference

Midwest Division Administrative Procedures for hosting a Division Conference
Midwest Division Protocol for hosting a Division Conference

Midwest Division 2023

Spring Conference Information

The Midwest 2023 Spring Conference will be held in Olathe, Kansas
April 10-11, 2023
Hosted by General Larry Oppenheimer Det. #1025, Olathe, Kansas
Kansas City-Olathe Embassy Suites
10401 S Ridgeview Rd.
Olathe, Kansas 66051

Reservations open July 1, 2022
Room rate: $123/night +tax
Phone: 913-353-9280

Room rates good 2 days prior and 2 days after, Free Parking, Complimentary internet in meeting space
Uniform for the opening and memorial service will be Cover and Red Blazer for Division Officers and Staff.
Uniform for meeting will be cover, white shirt or polo shirt.

Banquet $65.00
Hospitality $25.00
Marine Corps League Registration Fee $10.00 per MCL Member
$5.00 for Auxiliary or Guests

Link to 2023 Spring Conference